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America “the world’s oldest democracy”


What happened in the capital of world’s oldest democracy was an eye opener for themselves. A horrible event took place right at the time when the lawmakers were meeting in washington to formally patronize the winning president-elect Joe Biden.

Trump’s sowed seeds showing results

Supporters of Donald Trump rushed into the building, teared down the premisis and for a short period of took the building under their control, surprisingly the police didn’t used any force to stop the rebels.

An embarrassment

People saw this live on t.v and internet The world was shocked and so was America. The word oldest domocracy was unable to avoid itself form its own people. America would be unble to delete the memory of this damaging and aggressive behaviour which caused so much embarrassment to its name.

It would feel like a slow back pain for the American body till long. Americans after this must realise that they too are merely mortals and thier own swords can cutt them off easily. These pictures will haunt america for some time now.

Always had done that

If such behaviour was shown by the people of some third world country America would have given a holly lecture wrapped on deviousness on values etc along some penalties as well. How will America do this to anyone else ever again with a straight faces ? These events clearly shows the wounds of thier own swords creating havoc due to deep interference of hate and anger in thier minds.

Hawk’ eye view

America today is perturbed and an anxious society plagued with cultural sickness. The democrats which will soon hold the office have to find the cure to this while acknowledging that they matters a bit less to the world now. Desperate times for America.

Another dark page

After this mob assault a new page would be wrritten in history, darkest of the pages for the world’s oldest domocracy which claimed to date for being the most intelligent and advanced nation in the world. It reminds me of the words of joker the villian in the movie batman “the dark knight rises” “they are only good as the world allows them to be, when things are down, these civilized people then will eat each other”.