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Military on the streets in Myanmar

At the start of the month February in 2021, military seized the rulling democratic government of noble prize winner for peace Aung San Suu Kyi. Her party name is National league for democracy.

The military said they took control because of the recent bogus elections. Tensions rose when the military spokesman denied to rule out the possibilities of coup on the new parliament. The Mayanmar military declared the martial law without any any frown on thier foreheads and it was just a normal day for them.


Huge Protests had breaked out since then, the number of participants are increasing on daily basis despite the hurdles set by the military in the form of police, tear shells, water cannons etc.

Military is on the streets in Myanmar trying to grope the will of common people of maynmar. They are trying everything possible to detain and to control the people. Protesters wants the power of thier vote to be considered. Protesters are trying hard make there voices count, so they can get help.

Protests are only way to get rid of selfish military coups. Just like people of turkey, hong kong, taiwan etc in recent times have proved the power of common man. As we unfold the dark pages of coups history we can vividly see that the only solution to coup virus are the people on the streets selfless and devoted.