Raast ” first digital payment system for Pakistan”

Prime Minister Imran khan addressing at the ceremony.

Prime Minister Imran Khan initiated the first evere digital payment system for Pakistanis. While launching the “raast” he said that this initiative would surely help the country to stride away from the cash economy.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Prime Minister said it would help alleviate the poverty in Pakistan. Cash economy had been an obstacle for the people of Pakistan in flourishing themselves, he said. He also emphasised that digital payments would help to speed up Pakistan on its journey to prosperity.

Prime Minister told the people that the main hindrance in boosting country’s economy was the low collection of tax, only 2 million people out of 220 million were only giving taxes which is an extremely low number. He said that digitalising country’s economic system would surely help the fragile economy to stand on its own feet again. “Only 3000 people pay 70 percent of tax in Pakistan” , he said. These are the major of causes for such weak economy of Pakistan.

Appreciating the central bank of Pakistan the PM said that a record increase is observed in remittances. Surplus on accounts has relieved the pressure on rupee. Governor General of the state bank also attended the ceremony.

It is the first instant payment method that will enable end to end encypted digital payments in real quick time, providing cheap and universal access of money transfer to people in financial industry.

The forgien media appreciated this launching of Raast payment method. It is another big step towards success of the common people of Pakistan.